Disney’s Peter Pan (1953)

Betty Grable in The Dolly Sisters (1945)

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i love this so much

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New hair color, I dyed it this tuesday, It’s purple, you can’t really notice it much here but it’s that Katy Perry purple, I really liked it and my light hair color was starting to annoy me it looks healthier now (: Also, I kinda love how my eyes look here :3

better or not?


“Shades Of Adventure”, Vogue US, December 1987
Photographer : Denis Piel
Model : Christy Turlington 

So today I almost died…

There is this guy I’d been eyeing since last semester but not in a “I like you” kind of way, just in a “you’re cute and fun to look at” way. He was at the usual hang out for my friends and I (library, nope we don’t sit around and read, far from it actually) and well I was looking at him and dazed off then I came back to conscience and noticed he was staring straight at me. I quickly looked away, slightly panicked. My friends caught me and and one of my idiot friends decides it would be funny to go talk to him. He gets up walks towards him and starts talking to him, he makes signals at me like if he’s going to bring him over and my heart starts racing at what I assumed a rate just below cardiac arrest. Thankfully he couldn’t come over, he had class. But this doesn’t end here, I know tomorrow my lovely friends won’t let this go and will continue to bug me. Ugh. I don’t want to meet the guy, he’s just something I stare at, I don’t want him to be more. Why can’t they get me.